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ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is offering Manufacturing Supply Chain management and service. We are committed to One Stop BOM Supply from 2000 in Shenzhen, including electronic components like Integrated Circuit, Connector, Relay, Capacitor, Resistor, Module, Sensor, Crystal oscillator, Diode, Memories, Inductor etc. Headquarters is in Shenzhen, and has branches in Hongkong, Guangzhou.

Experienced and high-quality sales team, purchasing team and QC team keep getting recognition from our customers.During passing years,our business domain extended from domestic to more than 30 countries around the world now. We focus on integration of local and global spot resources, and build up independent and stable distribution channels. On the order hand, a professional and responsible QC team was established, including Visual Inspection,Marking Testing,Electrical Testing and X Ray Testing. This gives us confidence to provide high quality products

Rich product chain enables us to serve customers in various fields, including: military, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, industrial control, Internet of Things, new energy, and communications etc. We can provide fast logistics delivery, alternative parts suggestion, cost control and inventory recycling.

As a old saying in China : 精诚所至,金石为开(Sincerity is the key to success) ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY aim at being a genuine partner to help our customers.

Our Team



In 2003 the first time Mr. Guo touched IC electronic components. In the first 7 years he was learning all kinds of electronic components, until 2010, ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY was built in Shenzhen, to service local factories, majored in local business. With the development of globalization and the Internet, he noticed there was huge potential in the global market, therefore, ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY extended to the global market in 2013.

Foreign Sales Manager

Mr. Jess

Jess was working in sales from 2014. From 2014-2017, he worked in a bank as a salesman,but he was not satisfied with a boring job in the bank. After 2017, he joined ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY as foreign sales. In the passing years, a positive and enthusiastic work attitude made him affirmed by customers and colleagues. From 2021, he became manager in Foreign sales team.

Purchasing Manager

Mr. Danny

Danny was senior purchasing,although he is young,he had more than 10 years experience in the global electronic components market. Through years, Danny committed to develop and establish independent supply channels, relationships with local, global distributors and factories. To make sure we can offer better deals and a rich product line.

QC Manager

Miss. Zhang

Miss Zhang was working in the Testing Lab before ZHONG HAI SHENG TECHNOLOGY . She had deep understanding about Visual Inspection,Marking Testing, X Ray Testing,Electrical Testing and Xray Tesing.Professionalism and responsibility made her become our testing manager in 2019. Now she is leading a team to ensure the quality of our products, during a complex and changeable market.

Finance Manager

Miss Aeilmmee

Miss Aeilmmee was working in a bank for 5 years.And now she is majoring in our various financial management and accounting.

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